ezCloud received funding in 2016 from IPP2


In 2015, EzCloud was voted as one of the 15 best startups in Asia and received investments worth $ 120,000 within 12 months from the host system Cloud Microsoft Azure. With relentless effort, ezCloud again received good news after receiving funding from IPP2 in April 2016.
After rigorous evaluation process for 22 projects to receive funding from the 2015 original, IPP2 has selected 7 best projects, include 5 project Fast growth innovation start-up company and 2 projects in development of ecosystem to receive additional funding. ezCloud is very honored and excited to be in the top 5 fast growth startup company projects received Phase 2 grants worth 100,000 EUR in 2016, according to IPP2 announcement.
List of 5 project companies funded by IPP2 published in 2016: http://ipp.vn/thong-cao-bao-chi-cong-bo-cac-du-an-duoc-nhan-tai-tro-cua-ipp2-nam-2016/
As among the top 5 Fast growth startup company projects, the ezCloud Global Technology JSC. has been evaluated by the international and domestic experts that has efficient business model and capability with a calibrate strong team, the company has demonstrated high growth potential, market expansion, with international business mindset.
IPP – Innovation Partnership Program between Vietnam – Finland phase 2 (IPP2) is an official development assistance funded by the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Finland. The program has been implemented from 2014-2018, with total of 11 million Euro that has the goals of developing innovative systems of Vietnam nationwide and contribute effectively to the social-economic development of Vietnam and the country soon become the industrialized nation.

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