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The role of marketing in general in the travel and tourism business, in particular, plays an increasingly important role in attracting customers with increased profits. So, along with the development of science and technology, more and more marketing channels are used by hotels to attract customers. In particular, SMS Marketing always get the love of customers, and bring many unexpected benefits to the hotel. Understanding this with the desire to help hotel managers can optimize the benefits of SMS marketing, ezCloud and MobiFone have worked together to bring this service to their customers. .
If the day before the customer care only via fanpage facebook, email, sky, blog … now, after the cooperation between MobiFone and ezCloud started, the hotel can take care of their customers through a channel Another is the SMS through the synchronization, which helps the hotel to send a message to their customers after the message from the registration. Accordingly, the message to the customer will be sent directly on the interface of the software, help hotel marketing campaign through the message, by the name of the hotel in the sender’s name.
emAccording to the cooperation agreement between the two parties, the deployment will be applied in the hotel is using the two hotel management solutions of ezCloud ezFolio and ezCloudhotel. Specifically, hotel owners can see the benefits of SMS Marketing in the following aspects:
Check-in and Check-out
Using SMS will make the check-in and check-out process simpler and more flexible. It not only helps employees save time but also gives customers a better view of the hotel’s professionalism. So, when you check-in and check-out, you can send a thank-you note and confirm the information you need.
Notice of discounts and promotions
Through SMS, hotel owners can inform customers who have been staying at the hotel for the discounts, promotions or exciting programs that are happening at the hotel. This method will help the hotel attract more tourists, even in the most deserted season.
Conduct survey and collect feedback
Hotel managers can also gather the necessary information from their customers to increase service quality through SMS thanks or confirmation. Accompany it with a note, the question to collect from the customer
Customer service
The main purpose of using SMS Marketing is to help the hotel improve the quality of customer service. According to surveys, customers prefer this SMS Marketing channel rather than through phone calls.
As mentioned above, this partnership can bring tremendous benefits to hoteliers using ezFolio and ezCloudhotel hotel management software. It will help the hotel to improve the quality of service, make customers come to the hotel will have the best experience, help the hotel build long-term relationship with the hotel – one of the factors that make up The hotel’s reputation and maximum revenue in the long run. Therefore, this cooperation between ezCloud and MobiFone will help hotel owners to build more success in the development of the hotel.
Program details:
– 8h30 – 9h15 | Welcome
– 9h15 – 9h25 | Opening
– 9h25 -10h10 | “Improving the quality of customer service” – Ms. Le Phuong Phuong
– 10h10 – 10h35 | Thematic “SMS customer care and mobile Internet – Mr. Nguyen Huu Thong – Deputy in charge of MobiFone customers in HCMC.
– 10h35 – 11h00 | Discuss
In order to be able to use this service of ezCloud, please register by the form below, and ezCloud will help you complete the remaining steps: => Register to attend the seminar on October 19 at: GEM center, No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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