ezCloud tổ chức sinh nhật cho các nhân sự tháng 11

On the eve of November 25, ezCloud has a small party to celebrate the birthday of the personnel born in November. Warm party at the 11th floor Ladeco 266 Doi Can together with the whole human Company.
In November, the sun is also known to be cold, so that the sun will also dissolve in every dimension of the devil and let people warm up with each other, welcoming each other and seeking each other in the afternoon back wind.
The characteristic of November may not be because the two identical numbers are standing side by side but the attraction comes from the slight movements of space, the movements in each mind. people. November good enough but where to go easily to find out there …
November is the transfer month before the beginning of an end and then the rhythm of the new rotation. Perhaps so, people see it as a buffer month for sowing hope and expecting success. And so the people born in November are the people of the idea. They are always thinking forward. They are unique and intelligent, wise in everything, are brave and kind, determined, patient, and hardworking.
Together with the feeling when the season is moving, the ezCloud family would like to congratulate you and you have the birthday in November. A new month of love more nhé! Always love life and love people.
November is very special because there is birthday CEO Nguyen Hoang Duong
Mr. Dung gave gifts to Mr. Phong
Mr. Dung gave gifts to Mr. Huy
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