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The great joy of a startup in technology, ezCloud is honored to appear in an example of the book Launching Innovative Thought and Tools, Women’s Publishing House at the Thang Long Imperial Book on a fall Ha day. The story of the author Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh.

It is a book that introduces the thinking and tools of creative innovation in the spirit of the streamlined start-up and design thinking. The book not only provides the reader with a way to test ideas, develop a business model, but also bring the reader closer to the meaningful sustainability of the entrepreneurial start-up process.
About the author: Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh – Co-founder & Managing KisStartup. One of the first 12 Innovative Innovators by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland in 2015. He is the author of one of the 10 best-selling books on Vinabooks in 2015 on E-Commerce.
The Innovative Innovative Mindset and Tools booklet aims to give readers an approach and mindset in the startup inspired by a streamlined start-up, a change that has changed dramatically. global start-up and innovation. The ideas and tools introduced in the book are suggestions not just for startups or young people who are engrossing in business ideas but also for businesses looking for a way to innovate. creative to change and survive.

Not just new startups need to find a business model. Even large businesses must constantly seek solutions to develop new products and services and innovate their business models. This process requires innovation in thinking, approach as well as the need to equip the knowledge to make this process faster, more economical and efficient.
The book Innovative Innovative Thinking and Tools are not the new innovations of the author, but rather the synthesis of tools introduced by the well-known authors of the streamlined entrepreneurial movement. However, our effort is to introduce simple tools that are arranged in a logical sequence that is appropriate for start-up businesses or new product or service development projects. Looking for new business models. These tools have been used for hundreds of businesses in Vietnam. It would be great if you read the original English version of these tools.
So, besides introducing the exact source of the tool, I will also introduce the original terms alongside the equivalent translation and sourcebooks so that you can reference them as you need them.
The book is divided into four chapters:
Chapter 1: Thinking about Innovation and Innovation
Chapter 2: Tools and Actions in Starting a Business and Innovation.
Chapter 3: Meeting with potential investors and partners.
Chapter 4: Starting a Business Ecosystem.
Through our book, “Innovative Entrepreneurship Innovation and Thinking,” we see “entrepreneurs, or savior, who are seeking to apply their knowledge and tools of innovation to their own contexts. will see the usefulness, value from the shared content of this book. “

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