ezCloudhotel 5-star management model for small hotels in Vietnam


ezCloudhotel as hotel management software uses technology “Cloud computing” is used on all modern devices like tablets, smartphones. The software is also connected to the prevention of global distribution channels such as SiteMinder, STAAH to help hotels optimize capacity sold on the website booking room. This solution is suitable for small and medium hotels in Vietnam, with a very low cost.


ezCloud along with 15 other startups in Asia are Seedstarwword (Switzerland) considered the idea the best startups in Asia in 2015 and IPP investment Finland € 30,000. As a representative of Vietnam to join the global entrepreneurship forum in Switzerland in January 3/2016. By May 4/2016 companies received € 100,000 from receiving support IPP2 Finnish markets help small hotels 1 to 3 stars can access software modern hotel management.
Bui Duc co-founder of Folio said, ezCloudhotel was developed on the platform of software is software Folio Sao Khue Prize 2012. The software uses cloud computing technology, cost savings for guests Hotels can simultaneously connect to the international network specialized in reservations, and can be installed on all modern devices.
Currently ezCloudhotel free application installation, premium subscribers only. The fee is applied is 600 VND / room / day, so with a 10-room hotel, then spend 180,000 dong a month. For registered customers packages 6 months, 1 year or longer period will be discounted. Customers interested ezCloudhotel service just up the app’s website, fill in the number of hotel rooms, the exact cost will be calculated automatically for reference.
EzCloudhotel addition, the company is hoping the project ezLastminute, a platform that allows booking at the last minute at low prices, in order to take advantage of the availability of hotels across the country. ezCloudhotel and ezLasminute will create ecosystems to serve the hotels in Vietnam and in the region.
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