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Following the success of ezCloud’s comprehensive hotel management solutions already launched, the company continues to introduce its customers with a new solution to support hotel management. ezCms name. ezCms is a management and distribution system specially designed for both small to mid-sized hotels and is suitable for large-scale hotels. 3-5 stars.
In December, ezCloud teamed up with SiteMinder to launch ezCms, a distributed room management system, that manages the distribution channel for ezFolio hotel management software, for the segment. Hotel from 3 to 5 stars. Linking to SiteMinder will help all of the hotel’s vacant units be pushed to sell at the same time. ezCms is able to connect more than 240 online shopping websites worldwide, optimizing room availability and increasing revenue for the hotel.

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In July 2016, ezCloud teamed up with STAAH, continuing to introduce its ezCms customer management and distribution system, to provide new options for customers with a hotel segment from 0 to 3-star hotel with distribution function management software for ezCloudhotel hotel management software. By using this software, the hotel can push the entire room up to the online booking sites such as Agoda, or … and combine the number of rooms available between the sales channels so that The number of guest rooms in the hotel exceeds the number of rooms available on the web site.
And one more reason ezCloud keeps the trust and support of customers for ezCms in particular and for other ezCloud products in general because ezCloud is the first and only company in Vietnam. It now works with two STAAH companies, SiteMider and has a connection to the global distribution network, becoming a reliable bridge between the hotel and tourists around the world. Connecting to the global distribution channel system will bring benefits to hotel owners, from attracting more customers, increasing room occupancy to increasing sales by up to 35%.
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