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After updating and updating continuously the new features supporting customers such as connecting magnetic keys, managing guests to the connection … ezCloudhotel has brought to its customers many advantages in the process of using. . However, the process of developing and self-improving never stops, and to give our customers a better experience, ezCloudhotel staff continue to offer fun features. New: Payment Management.

With a successful hotel and always want to be the stop for all customers, the payment function is not to be ignored, especially now, the payment sector has many steps of rapid development, with many Different payment methods. Keeping up with this trend, ezCloudhotel strives to integrate the latest and greatest payment technologies and methods for your hotel, so that you can meet the most demanding of your customers.

In the past, the payment system that ezCloudhotel supports its customers includes cash and credit cards, making it convenient for travelers to set foot in your hotel. However, the convenience of payment that ezCloudhotel wants to bring to your hotel does not stop there. With the development of technology and foreign trade, online payment has become popular and accounted for a very small percentage of payment methods thanks to its speed and convenience. This is why in this update, we decided to integrate the online payment feature onepay in ezCloudhotel. With this feature, hotel managers not only save a lot of time and money but also can make their customers feel modern, comfortable and convenient when they can make online math. through your bank or visa card, master card.

Join us on a journey to find out about this online payment method and learn how to pay for a hotel:

Step 1: Log in to System> Payment Management


Monitor module management

Step 2: Select the modules you want to pay and payment time. The system will automatically calculate the corresponding amount you have to pay.
Step 3: Click “Payment” to make payment.
Step 4: Select payment by ATM card or visa card.
Step 5: Click “Payment”, the system opens to the online payment screen.
Wish you have a new and fun experience with this update of ezCloudhotel! Free trial of ezCloudhotel software to experience the usefulness of the software here: ezCloudotel Hotel Management Software

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