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Hello friends,
ezCloudhotel software version will bring you many new features. Let ezCloudhotel explore these features!
Added marketing management functionality:

  • Company management function: allows to update company information and assign company for each booking. Source Management:
  • Enables the import of client resources and assigns guest resources for each booking.
  • Market management: Allows you to enter markets that are selling and assigning markets for each booking.

The function allows to select the company, source, market, add new or edit information right on the reservation entry screen.

The function of adjusting the report includes:
  • Visitors will come: allow to report from day to day, supplement company information, source and market.
  • Guests will go: allow for day-to-day reporting, supplement company information, source and market
  • Guest visited: allow for day-to-day reporting, supplement company information, source and market.

Additional timeline display:

  • Permit copy of booking: the booking information will be automatically transferred, just change the date of arrival, departure of guests.
  • Allow to move the arrival date, the guest just drag and drop the booking.
  • Record the customer’s work location on the timeline: When the customer performs the operation, they will always keep the position of the customer working, which will be stored until the customer changes the date.

Additional function to display the number of unassigned rooms on a daily basis: This function allows the Sale to quickly access unassigned booking and make the assignment to distribute customers right on the timeline display.
Added functions:

  • Copy booking can be made at many different locations: Room map, booking list …
  • Enables extended service entry for reservations, no check-in room can still enter the extended service.

Rebuild function to optimize speed when processing check-out room
With the desire to help hotel owners track, manage information in full and control the hotel situation easily, ezCloudhoetl will update the functions continuously and pushed more. We always support customers through: Operator: 19006159
E-mail: hotro@ezCloud.vn
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