ezFolio – Only hotel software in Vietnam, connects to SiteMinder


EzCloud Global Technology Joint Stock Company is the overall solution provider for hotel management, with achievements such as the Sao Khue Award 2012, representing Vietnam at the Seedstars World 2016 Conference. in Switzerland. EzCloud was also selected as one of the 15 Best Startup Companies in Asia receiving a $ 120,000 investment from Microsoft Azure. Without stopping there in 2016, ezCloud continues to receive good news when it receives funding from IPP2.
As previously reported, ezCloud has teamed up with SiteMinder to deliver ezCms – a distributed room management system, which manages the distribution channel for ezFolio hotel management software. Linking to SiteMinder will help all of the hotel’s vacant units be pushed to sell at the same time. ezCms is able to connect more than 240 online shopping websites worldwide, optimizing room availability and increasing revenue for the hotel.
Currently, ezFolio hotel management software is the only software in Vietnam capable of connecting to the global distribution system. EzFolio aims to professionalize hotel services – international tourism but still suitable for Vietnamese. This is one of three ezCloud hotel management solutions launched in 2015 to optimize hotel management. EzFolio’s ability to connect to the global distribution system will enable the hotel to increase its 240-room OTA, GDS and room-to-room capacity, and increase its revenue from 18 to 22% when using ezCms.
The core of SiteMinder for reservations is the distribution channel management system, which automates most of the processes required to create a reservation facility. This platform is used by hotel chains and travel companies such as TripAdvisor. Another platform similar to SiteMinder is Redistribution, which allows direct connection with travel agents to contact hotel corporations and arrange reservations.
The benefits of the overall hotel management solution, which will allow hotels to maximize revenue and profitability over the use of other single management software that costs more.
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