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In order to constantly be more professional and to provide our customers with the best experience, ezCloud always strives to improve our solutions. Accordingly, the ezFolio hotel management software has been integrated with the passport reader. This combination will give ezFolio customers a better experience when using the product.

Hotels that are currently using the hotel management software as a whole, such as ezFolio to better manage their business operations, will often have to enter customer information to make their management easier. In addition, whenever a new customer arrives at the hotel, the hotel staff must re-enter the customer information again into the temporary residence software to perform the temporary residence report. public security officer. As such, the job of entering customer information will cost a lot of time for hotel staff when it is the same job that must be repeated many times. Moreover, this manual work by hand is difficult to avoid errors in the implementation process.

In order to contribute to addressing this situation and helping its customers manage their hotels more effectively, ezCloud’s staff has researched and upgraded ezFolio hotel management software by integrating with the passport reader… So ezFolio not only helps managers manage the overall hotel operations, attract more visitors and increase revenue, but also automatically updates the customer information into the database without the need. Each type of information is entered as an old input method.

Simply put the passport into the machine is information and pictures of guests to stay at the hotel will be updated to the software program on demand with only one basic operation. So, when integrating with readers, ID card, Visa, Name card … hotel staff will not need to enter customer information as before, but the machine will automatically separate customer information, images And save to ezFolio software and software temporary residence in 3 seconds quickly and accurately.

Advantages of integrating with devices:
The first advantage of integrating ezFolio and passport readers is that they save time for hotel staff by minimizing the time it takes to enter customer information. Automatic separation of information from the supplied paper and save to the system in a quick, accurate way. Thus, the time spent on entering customer information takes only 1-2 minutes with only the most basic operation.
Another notable feature of this integration is that it helps the manager determine whether the customer is at the hotel as a new customer or a customer who has stayed at the hotel. This will help the hotel to make better customer care policies. Not only that, the system can automatically separate the image of the customer to update and add to the customer records, making the customer profile more complete with just a short time.
Ultimately, this integration will help hotel managers to automatically detect VIP customers, loyal customers who have used the services many times that the hotel has provided. This is an important feature that will help managers to offer preferential policies for VIP customers, help customers happy and come back next time.

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