How does ezCloudhotel manage hotel software?


An application developed in a separate operating environment with a separate installer that provides users with additional functions for managing the hotel, from guest room payments, check-in. check-out to management of expenses, strict control of the receptionist, booking, check out, …
ezCloudhotel applies the latest technology, combining hardware and software products to help optimize hotel management, prevent losses, save costs, time with the most affordable.
So why choose ezCloudhotel hotel management software for hotel management?
Self-generated information and hotel management, helping to calculate revenue and profit easily
Room time information, service user list, price information, room status are automatically updated in real time, ie the parameters automatically updated every minute.
Check in the guest, the delegation easily, quickly
_ ezCloudhotel allows you to set a large quantity, which allows you to set the number of rooms larger than the number of rooms available. This allows for the highest room occupancy rates. Avoid booking guests but do not check-in, this will create unnecessary room availability.
_ Allow flexible price changes from time to time
You can create a list of service groups, service lists.
With ezCloudhotel, you can create multiple guest logins for managing hotels. The hotel management software, the hotel has the right to authorize specific operations allowed, not allowed
You can enter the costs incurred during the operation of the hotel, these costs are grouped in different cost categories: property costs, wages, purchases … Summary, analysis of expenditure charge according to specific time
With the function of reporting business situation, you will know the situation of revenue and profit in a specific time.
The ezCloudhotel hotel management software will help you save time in managing and reducing stress in managing money.
You can remotely manage each time you travel or travel far.
EzCloudhotel hotel management software has the following features
Quick check-in with few clicks
Staff management is rigorous against fraud
Clear warehouse management for each category of maximum loss
Intuitive, real-time visualization of room details
Customize the number of rooms, room rates match the hotel
Check the general hotel condition remotely over the internet
Combined hardware installation simplifies staff manipulation to avoid waiting time for customers
Along with many other smart features you can refer to at
Hotel management software ezCloudhotel


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