IPP Phần Lan đến thăm và làm việc tại ezCloud


21.04.2016 last day, JSC Ezcloud global technology honored to welcome the Ambassador of Finland – IPP to visit and work with the Founder of ezCloud.

Mr. Aki led Enkenberg, senior counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Reportedly this is the first time he Aki Enkenberg presence in Hanoi. Ms. Silja accompany Leinonen, innovation expert and Mrs. Mac IPP Le Thu Hong, coordinator of the program. The meeting took place in the atmosphere is extremely relaxed and happy, the founders presented the development situation of the company, which has gained issues and proposed future plans of ezCloud, and share experiences and changes in the company after attending the IPP.
Then the ambassador toured IPP Office, chat and take commemorative photos with ezCloud staff. Hope ezCloud will continue to meet the ambassador in IPP2 upcoming program to jointly discuss the plan.

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