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[:vi] ezFolio tự hào là phần mềm khách sạn đầu tiên ở Việt Nam đã tích hợp thành công với hệ thống phân phối phòng toàn cầu giúp khách sạn đồng bộ với hơn 100 kênh bán phòng trực tuyến. Với tính năng tối ưu công suất bán phòng sẽ giúp khách sạn tăng doanh thu từ 22% đến 35%. [:en] Proud to be the first hotel management software in Vietnam successfully integrated with the global room-distribution system, ezFolio can help synchronize information with over 100 online booking chanels. By optimizing the occupancy level, the revenue can be increased by 22% - 35%. [:]

The hotel management software ezFolio will help you


Connect to over 200 ota channels

Connecting to the Distribution Channel system is one of our outstanding features.
ezFolio and ezCloudhotel are the first two softwares in Vietnam to offer selling rooms in over 200 OTA channels, helping optimize hotel rooms and increase revenue.


Sync software automatically

Information about Customers book rooms on OTA channels will be updated immediately to the hotel management software ezFolio in accordance with the time and number of rooms booked immediately.
This will help the hotel avoid overlapping reservations.


Smart rooms selling

Everytime a booking arrives, the system will automatically deduct the number of the rooms remain, then push the room sales to the OTA channels with the actual remaining rooms available.
This helps the hotel avoid being overbooked in peak periods or when working time zone of Online business department and OTA channels are different


Smart room arrangement

One of the smart points of ezFolio is the ability to self-match the hotel when the booking comes.
ezFolio will automatically move single rooms next to each other and prioritize rooms for guests in groups, avoiding overbooking and optimizing room capacity.




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