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[:vi] Hệ thống cho phép tích hợp toàn bộ các phần mềm và thiết bị ngoại vi trong khách sạn như: phần mềm kế toán, khoá từ, máy đọc hộ chiếu, tổng đài điện thoại, hệ thống IPTV… giúp đơn giản hóa việc quản lý. [:en] The system allows the integration with other software and peripheral devices such as: accounting software, passport reader, IPTV system... and helps simplify the management. [:]

3-5-star hotel management software ezFolio can connect to


Popular smart lock brands

Popular types of smart locks such as Orbita, Adel, Hune, G-lock, D-lock, BA-lock, can all be integrated with ezFolio to create the convenience in customer management, hospitality and staff activities that will become more professional and accurate.

Passport reader

Passport reader is an indispensable equipment in the reception of foreign guests to the hotel. The hotel chain management software ezFolio has connection to the passport reader. This reduces the time spent checking-in for guests and increases the quality of service.

Connect to accounting software

Hotel business will definitely need to use accounting software. For the convenience of the hotel, ezFolio allows users to connect to the accounting software. This simplifies the process of transferring data.

IPTV system

ezFolio has co-operated with SamSung in deploying the application of connecting IPTV from hotel software.

Information of guests will be displayed on the TV screen in the room to create a sense of friendliness and an unforgettable experience for guests.

Connect to the rooms electricity system

With its smart ability to integrate with rooms electricity system, hotel owners can save up to 25% of the monthly electricity bill and effectively control the use of the rooms.

From the Room Map screen, the reception staffs can control the power supply and have full report about the number of times power turning on and off in each room.


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