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Hotel website is an important marketing channel that some hotels do not usually care properly. They will ignore the standards optimized user experiences. The hotel should make website clearly, easy to understand and booking simply.

Hotel websites also need to ensure reliability. The goal is to convince the customers that its price is the best . Want to get the trust of by emphasizing if customers booking on hotel website, they will get the best price. Beside, main objective is to convince visitors that its price is the best.


Regularly contact with loyal customers

For booking through hotel website, regularly contact with customers the way they want. Want to have loyal customers, their prices have to be cheaper on OTA, that's how to make enticing your customers. Beside, monthly hotel employees should send mail greeting and talk to existing customers, which will make customers feel the enthusiasm of hotel, or customers can know the latest information which is available at the hotel.

Depending on occupancy, these contacts may be accompanied by a favorable price. Bruton said the promotion is not the main source of generating revenues, but they are "strong enough to be maintained every month".

Use online reviews to attract visitors to the website

Many times when customers use OTAs, they choose from 5 to 6 hotels in appropriate price, then they will visit the review site to see the hotel are the most preferred. This is also your chance to take them to the hotel website, instead of leaving them to return to OTAs and booking.

First, you need a lot of comment. When customers check in, make sure the receptionist asked what is the purpose of their stay, and they know the area around the hotel or not. Otherwise the hotel can provide information and recommendations to make customers experience better. You also ask staff to ask customers anytime to know that they are comfortable or not and something that the hotel can do them happier. When checking out, be sure to ask customers.

Please collaborate with OTA

The article describes several ways to increase hotel’s direct booking through the website, but which does not mean that the hotel should be considered OTA as components. Which is exactly the opposite, that you regularly communicate with the person in charge of the OTA. This helps them better understand the challenges of the hotel, and to understand them better

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