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Online chat software is an effective tool to help improve conversion rates and ensure customer satisfaction when interacting with the website. However, if the chat volume is too low on your website for shift in conversion rate, that means the low number of visitors who want to talk to you.

When supporting customers, ezCloud have gotten a lot of questions about how to improve or optimize website chat. Here are 5 most optimal solutions. Let’s see what need to improve interaction with customers on your website.

1. The chat window is highlighted and easy to recognize

Your chat window should be put into easily observed place. The fact is that many visitors to your website sometimes don’t know their ability to actively chat with you on the website.


So, first, do select the most attractive position for your chat window on the website. ezCloud suggest 2 positions which can catch attention of the customer: one at the bottom left and one at the bottom right of the website. You can also customize the location by using CSS code.

In addition to choosing the right location, you should pay attention to the color and appearance of chat button. Is it highlighted? The chat button with bright colors and styles identical to the website interface makes customers feel a professional style of your website, then, they are confortable to your chat. In addition, using Bubble chat also attracts the attention of visitors to the chat window.

2. Forget the chat window in the site

ezCloud allows you to use one account for multiple websites as well as many different pages and you can easily uniform all interfaces installed on the client chat window. They will feel the unity and professionalism in the way of design.

Suppose you only put the chat window on the homepage, visitors to the detail product page will have to go back to the homepage to chat with you. It is inconvenient, isn’t it?


For customers to access your support, you should place the chat window on all pages of the site. In addition, the index of satisfaction and trust for your website will significantly decrease if customers can not find advice or problem solutions quickly and conveniently.

Combining with the color decoration, harmonious interface and butter chat will help you save costs as well as increase the volume of chat on website.

3. Never using the automatic feature to invite chat

Your website may have following troubles:

  • Some visitors leave the website after about 30 seconds on price list.
  • Leaving the payment page after booking.
  • Exiting registration page after just approaching

Take Action! Do not miss business opportunities in such an unfortunate way. The customer shall have trouble, and your appearance in time enables them to work quickly, instead of watching them go.

Be proactive chat invitation to talk to your customers. Moreover, do set the necessary conditions and automatically invite chat features. You can easily do that with smart tools of ezCloudhotel.

Combined with impressive chat invitation, you will definitely see the difference.


4. Ignore the mobile web version

According to statistics from Google Analytics or other data, you can see that the number of user from mobile phone, tablet, accounts a significant amount. Mobile devices are now gradually replacing desktop computers and become indispensable tools for users to search information or online purchase. It means that you must pay much attention and focus on customer interactions from all mobile devices.


In addition PC Web interface, you also spend time to design an impressive and professional interface on mobile devices.

5. Limited online duration

The meeting or training is necessary in working. You only have 8 working hours each day while your customers can appear at anytime in a day. So, you will have difficulty in interacting with customers, resulting in unexpected numbers of chat.


There are 2 solutions for this problem:

First, you should moniter the website access and try to find out the time a lot of visitors on your website during the day to make appropriate online plan.

Second, do use chat application on mobile devices to online 24/24. Do not forget to install the bell mode to inform the customer’s feedbacks.

Through specific tests, you can learn more about visitors, therefore to make decisions and detail plans. I make sure that the chat will be improved. Share experiences with ezCloud!

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