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The market share of travel agency (TA) growing hotel leads to advertising on these channels more and more. This is also a plus point for selling rooms online pages when you just built hotel brand, has sold-out. But do you know who will up OTA channels to book yet? The following article will help you learn about living OTA.

We can not know the details of guests OTA only simple interpretation here is the guests to spend more time on the internet to find the service pack cheap hotels.

Guests OTA usually young guests Expedia tuoi.Theo a study in 2013 on the future of tourism, almost 50% of customers and 40% of customers millennial aged 31-45 use mobile devices dynamic hotel reservations, airline tickets, registration, tours, … only 18% of people under 30 not to use mobile devices to plan your trips.

The majority of respondents agreed that there millennial customer usage habits of mobile devices and reliance on the comments on the online travel site to make shopping decisions. Guests enjoy millennial urban destinations, tend to travel in groups and often pursue ends favorite things.

Guests millennial often tend to be less loyal to brands, although they are interested in the program to attract the loyalty of guests from the hotel, and they also like to spend company money when traveling.
Guests have the passion OTA technology. According to Expedia, 20% at Expedia order demand from smart mobile phones and tablets.

OTA booking hotels in places like providing them with complete services (car rental, tour tickets) because the units are usually available OTA support services to them at a discount rather than booking them to directly with the hotel and then had to contact, find the desired service
Guests appreciate OTA brand value. While they are usually people who are not loyal to any brand when choosing service yet, but always looking for high-quality brand.

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