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Now, as tourism and leisure needs become more essential to every person, the hotel is not the only place to stay and rest during the trip. Along with the demand-driven development of the various customer segments, hotel interior design becomes more important in the investment process, hotel construction, decisive brand identity. More than other factors. In addition to the beautiful design, it needs to be balanced and suitable for a variety of customers in different classes.
             1. Design hotel lobby.
The hotel lobby is the place to attract, create the first impression with customers so it needs to be the most innovative, creating the widest, brightest. The stylized decorations fit in with the unique features of the locality, if the door signs are close to the lions set stone, in the large place to avoid objects but such skills as 5 or 8 colored quartz bells, Either god, or big statue. Based on that specific situation, If the hall is too big, it should be added wine bars or cafes for guests to have a place to stay. Lamp decoration in the hall is also very important, night lights so attractive
         Hotel classification
There are different types of hotels and depending on business purposes as well as geographic location to split into different types of hotels:
City center hotel (City hotel):Often built in the city center, large urban areas. Target customers are business travelers, seminars, merchants, … Hotel size often very large, modern design luxury.
Resort hotel (Resort Hotel):Resort hotels are often built near the tourist areas such as coastal and mountain forests to serve visitors, ecotourism. Architecture is the garden surrounded by nature to feel relaxed, comfortable.
Suburban hotel:Often built in the suburbs, street side for weekend guests, visiting relatives or on business. This hotel is usually furnished medium to fit the customer.
High way hotel:We often meet this hotel along the highways, highways and mainly for passers-by, including temporary services, food and drink …
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            2. Room Design
The interior of the hotel needs attention, depending on the type of hotel that we design to decorate accordingly. And the most important thing in the hotel should be noted is the bedroom, should not design bedroom too low (<2.8m) will create a sense of suffocation, cramped.
Interior design should choose light color is the main, from the perspective of feng shui should decorate the light color in the hotel room to help move forward. Designing the room to calculate the sun so that the influx of visitors can view the surrounding landscape with a relaxed feel comfortable business will prosper.
Hotel interior design also has a very important content is that the hotel room design must be clean, high, comfortable, ensure the ability to use, decorated in light color. In addition, the bathroom door is not directly opposite the bed. In the bathroom can show small flower pots to enhance the feng shui good effect for the room.
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Hope our article will provide you with the basics of hotel design.ezCloudhotel is always with you in the process of hotel management.

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