Perfecting Nhat Ha hotel management mechanism with ezFolio


ezCloud continue to receive the trust to use ezFolio hotel management solution  from hotel Nhat Ha 1.

Nhat Ha Hotel 1 has been running for over 10 years, the last in 2014 the hotel was newly built and are operating back in 2015. Now the hotel as been raised to new heights with the page modern equipment, premises newer and more luxurious. The hotel also has a restaurant and bar on the rooftop, you just get food and just enjoy the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh city lively by day and romantic at night. The chef was recruited and trained carefully here will not disappoint you. In addition, the hotel is also equipped gym with modern exercise equipment brings good health. Go there, you will feel like you are at home by friendly service, warm, clean and warm rooms, food and drinks are very appetizing. The hotel’s slogan is ‘We Are Family’


Nhat Ha Hotel 1 is located in the city center, situated on Le Thanh Ton streets, the hotel is a unique combination of ancient and modern Saigon. When you arrive here you will see your soul as warm air in a comfortable, cozy and peaceful in the heart of the bustling city.

The hotel is located at the gold position of Ho Chi Minh City, near Ben Thanh Market right to address the city’s attractions as well as easy access to the commercial centers, amusement parks, entertainment and buildings office buildings. The hotel is not only an ideal base for tourists to discover Saigon but also very suitable for those entrepreneurs who are in business trips and conferences.

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