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[:vi] Kiểm soát người dùng là một trong những yêu cầu quan trọng của các nhà quản trị, ezFolio cung cấp tính năng cho phép phân quyền chi tiết đến nghiệp vụ cụ thể trong phần mềm. Hệ thống nhật ký thao tác lưu trữ toàn bộ thông tin tương tác với phần mềm. [:en] Controlling users is one of the most important requirements of administrator. ezFolio allows you to grant access to the smallest privileges in the software. Our activities log system will record all the actions made in the software. [:]

Hotel management software ezFolio will help you monitor hotel staffs by


Create different user roles in the hotel

ezFolio allows hoteliers to create various groups of permission in a hotel, which fit the roles of respective employees in the hotel.

In ezFolio, each employee will be given an account and permission to operate in accordance with the specific characteristics of each job easily and conveniently.


Setup detailed functions

In addition to creating groups of permissions that fit the role of each person, hotel owners can also create permission of access to the features in the software that best fit the role of each employee’s position.

Therefore, hotel owners can easily manage staffs in details and secure the information thoroughly.


Transaction history

All staff operations and transaction data will be updated right in the software and be saved in the system history.

All of these features help hotel owners manage their staff easily, find out what employees are doing and control invoices created, thereby raise the awareness and responsibility of each staff.


Monitor the sales of each employee

Business sales of employees are all recorded based on real time.

You can easily find out which staffs are working effectively, therefore proactively offer performance-based incentives to motivate them.


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