Một số tác phong bắt buộc mà nhân viên khách sạn cần phải có


The behavior of an employee:

 – Must be dressed, dress neatly or as prescribed by the hotel where they work.

– Do not wear jewelry such as gold and silver too much because while serving can entangle or cause hard feelings chiu.neu diners needed only a wedding ring but it is plain ring without gemstones.

– Always smiling affable with visitors, not playing or talking in front rude guests

How to setup the table:

– Prepare the devices needed for a table (depending on the number of guests 2 persons or more)

– When placing the setup Notes knife, spoon and fork in the order of dishes and placed in turn from the outside, such as utensils, appetizer, main course dessert.


– Upon arrival: greeted and invited guests at the table, pulled a chair to sit then politely gave carte menu for guests, and provides a list of drinks to guests

– Receive requests from guests then carefully recording the information in the book.

– Transfer requests to the kitchen department and preparation department for processing.

– Bring food and drinks on the table guests: tray can be used to prevent hot dishes, when put on the table a plate in hand, they must not be placed on the table tray visitors.

– It can be taught how to use food to guests and introduced the sauce served with.

– Happy guests a delicious meal.

Stage charge:

– When guests request it put the bill charged to guests: reading once the food and beverage customers have used then said the total amount must be paid, take the money from the client and if the client makes redundant thanks Just a moment, then said visitors to the hotel will rot immediately.

Stage off guests:

– Standing right at the door ready to open to guests. Remember to push the door outwards. always smiled and greeted guests see you.

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