8 bí mật của khách sạn mà bạn nên biết


Upon arrival at a certain hotel, you must know that they have the secrets that were never disclosed to the client, if not out of work. So following article I will share with you some information I learned.

1. Do not use the hotline to book room
Because when using the hotline to book room, you will be moved to the line of the central office, and employees will force you to take a certain price (the price will usually be available on website). So you should call the hotel directly, in order to get the most preferential prices.
2. Independent hotels are easy to negotiate more
As hotels are owned independently, they are likely ready for your discount rather than hotels owned by large corporations.
3. Should arrive on time
If you check-in at 10 am, but you came at 8 am then surely your room will not be ready. And staff at the reception area will also unenthusiastic to check-in early for you.
4. The hotel has no soundproofing
The best hotels have  not necessarily soundproofed, so when you speak, you should keep the best order possible, otherwise you can be the hotel staff knocked at your room door if guests complain .
5. Luxury hotels have no hourly room.
For luxurious hotels have no hourly room. “ Believe me, you will not want to be that kind of hotel ” a hotel employee share.
6. Should require to clean your bed, before check-in
When making the bed for guests to stay overnight, only made the bed and did not replace any bedding.  Bed sheets are only changed if when guests stay from 2 to 3 pm . When employees made  the bed if there is any class with colored sticky dirty, they will be replaced immediately. Because that is prescribed by the hotel.
7. Should trust a new hotel
If you are a person that you have to work continuously, you should choose a certain hotel to stay there. Because then you will automatically create a relationship with the staff, from which you will become a regular guest of the hotel.
8. Hotels sometimes have to lie
Sometimes hotel staffs are be caught lying to guests by manager, such as a broken elevator problems will be fixed by repairer as quickly as possible. But in essence, the elevator will not be fixed until Monday next week, because manager wants to avoid to tip extra money on the weekends for repairer
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