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Many hotels have closed or face business situation increasingly deteriorated. Here are the important underlying factors causing increasing your revenue decline, but you absolutely can overcome.

Bulldozing rates

The price bulldozing make any customer feel uncomfortable. It also puts pressure on the reception that they could not warm to customers. Not to mention it the receptionist loophole for profiteering in addition this is a way for people evaluating your business is less professional. Be clear cost transparency, flexible seasonal rates instead on emotions, clear notice and apply for any particular customer.


Scream at peak prices:

 Where was the best time in the competition? It was in the high season, when all the hotels are focused on making money the most immediate. With subjective psychological moment they serve worse, tight guillotine enlist higher prices. Then this is your opportunity to build loyalty and affection of customers if you do the opposite trend and will soon you will become a leader.

Do not focus on the reception

Maybe a lot of customers want to come back to your hotel because the hotel receptionist enthusiastic, professional and affable with customers. Or most important customer with a huge amount to the skeptics choose your hotel because of concerns about cost. Then the receptionist was playing a big role in customers choosing your hotel or not.

Should focus on the recruitment and professional training in earnest reception. Better to pay a market wage to get good reception and enthusiasm to the job.

Cash advance

This obviously does not bring contentment to clients. Let's weigh the loss you can fight a few passengers in the month with the number of guests did not like that in the hotel you more. Unless the poor regional security situation is so often the best you should not do this if the hotel does not want to become crowded days.

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