3 dịch vụ mà khách sạn cần phải có để tạo sự chuyên nghiệp hóa


Currently a number of luxurious hotels are implementing a number of strategies that provide accommodation in addition to the client, the hotel will provide a number of services such as office supply, organize weddings, organizing major events. With ample space, adequate resources to meet the needs of customers, from office equipment to parties
Provide office

Point or office of this kind is revolving around, affordable, can be rented by the hour or by month. For example, customers who want a seat just right to work as well as equipment for online meetings, possibly to the hotel and work immediately. This allows customers to solve many business purposes, without having to wait for the flight to the office, or do not need to rent an office for use only in short days, but paying monthly rent . Customers simply costs less money but have now workspace with high productivity, not to mention using more services available from the hotel.

With the status of land east dislocated people as today, the family of the wedding at home is very difficult, difficult to perceive that the hotel has organized the wedding party to help couples have a full and fun day sweetest moments without “worrying”
With luxurious architecture, exquisite, spacious and cozy lobby area and the banquet hall system – the hotel will be decorated in many different styles, fit the diverse requirements for organizations wedding, whether traditional or modern.
Organizing events
Spacious with large capacity system with a modern sound equipment, the hotel is the ideal venue to organize large events. Besides, there is a staff of enthusiastic and thoughtful fulfill all customer requirements.

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