Làm video giới thiệu khách sạn như nào để hiệu quả và tiết kiệm nhất


Trailers that will bring the hotel image to travelers an honest and lively. Hotel marketers should take advantage of video in their marketing strategies.

In the article, share 8 note ezcloud.vn hotel and even save costs in creating the video is true, attracts tourists, contribute to improving the effectiveness of marketing strategy hotels :


1. The arrival of tourists to the hotel comment on your video will convince other travelers should book your room at the video rather than just spinning around the hotel landscape.

2. Encourage guests to capture the great emotions in your hotel using smartphones and shared on social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram. These short videos and fun will soon be friends, relatives and guests share gives you marketing effectiveness beyond expectations without cost.

3. To organize the event, the contest to share clips, video comforts of your hotel. The winner was a lot of friends like and share will receive a meal or a free drink included. This model will help visitors feel interesting line to become the winner, besides the effectiveness of marketing, it also gives the satisfaction of tourists.

4. Your employees can also become "filmmakers' creative when they understand the service and the daily work at the hotel, so please encourage employees to create innovative video, fun Pop on your property by offering people rewards for the best ideas and videos.

5. In addition to being a "filmmakers' creativity, your employees can become" actors "for excellence in short video introduction to your hotel. The friendly staff in the video gives visitors peace of mind they will be dedicated service at your hotel.

6. With the world of technology and media today, guests daily can pretty much had to look long and boring video, so please try to make a surprise and humor in your video. A hilarious video gives visitors a sense of fun and exciting experiences.

7. As travelers become increasingly busy and save time in selecting a break point in the trip, creating a full-length video information is not an effective solution. Try to make the video as short as possible, one 20-second video service introduced by tourists favorite hotel is your best option.

8. When posting a video introduction to your hotel website, check the video presentation can embed audio into video reservations, guests feel the interesting video, they will be ready to make a reservation, please help them weather save time in finding a booking button on certain pages on your site, as long as the interest may decrease and increase the hesitation in booking.

Technology and growing media, video gives visitors experience a pleasure and gives the hotel great effectiveness in marketing campaigns. Please ignore thoughts about needing costly to build a quality video that go together embarked on building an effective video with hints on.

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