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Management of the hotel staff is one of the important management work of the hotel, can see it is a hard work “thorny”! The 1,500-room hotel employs about 1,000 people to provide adequate human resources, in line with the organizational structure of each hotel. That is not a small thing. However, it was re-assembled in the newly opened guesthouse, at the time of winter start. So how can management staff in the hotel? Let’s learn ezCloud offline.
                 1. Assign, arrange specific work for them  
Personnel allocation is a major function that continues to occur for all hotels, because of the high rate of staffing and dismissal.
For example, a hotel with 450 employees and a 75% annual outgoing and returning employee rate will receive 28 new employees each month to train and distribute vacant positions. Therefore, in most hotels, the work of picking up and arranging new employees is ongoing.
Therefore, for the hotel, the staffing arrangement has been going well (that is, there has been integration of a large number of new employees into the hotel’s general operation to operate a hotel. Rhythmic way) is a great success.
              Staffing system in the hotel:
• Sketch of work
• Select staff
• Training and development
• Performance appraisal
• Bonus
The system starts with a definite “work nature” that is specific to each hotel job. Next, employees must be selected to suit their job through the recruitment, interview, placement and placement process.
As soon as they enter the workplace, employees must be trained to fit their current job into further training for future jobs, if any. Eventually, all of the above must be evaluated through the work process to determine whether the layout selection is reasonable.

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             2. How to deal with employees  
                      Communicate with staff
When you become a restaurant manager, you must learn to communicate with your employees. When controversy or conflict arises, it is necessary to address the ongoing conflicts that are avoiding the heavy air of staff. Resolving this will help prevent employees from expressing their negative emotions when working or interacting with customers.
Always be ready. Be willing to allow employees to talk to you, be willing to talk in a relaxed, informal way, and empower your employees to do things they can to have employees feel the trust of the manager.

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Listen to the staff. You need to understand what is happening in order to make the right decision.
Be strong You talk to employees, listen to them, think about problems and make decisions to solve that problem. And your employees need to follow the decision you make if you want to keep working with you. That’s all you need to do.

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                 Bonus mode 
Reward employees for their professional conduct. You will get the effect you want. There is also a corresponding penalty, such as unlawful or unproductive employees who may be fired or lose the opportunity to work in good shifts.
By writing out your expectations and the responsibilities of your employees, you can avoid the unnecessary complaints of some employees. For example, an employee always complains: “I always have to work on Saturday!” And you can say, “I asked you to help the staff clean the table for 12 people. You let her alone. You did not follow my instructions. “
When your hotel owns responsible staff, take care of them. Thank you for their effort and to see how they are working. Regularly organize activities for employees. Make them feel their efforts and efforts are appreciated and would like to continue to contribute to your hotel.
Let ezCloudhotel  share the burden of managing your employees, as one of the hefty benefits of this software is that it lets you manage your employees remotely with just your mobile phone. All information about work, activity, transfer reports between employees is kept clear. Sign up for a free trial now so we can serve your wishes in the hotel management!

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