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Many hotels operate independently depending on OTA for their revenue. While this is not necessarily a negative trend, hoteliers should avoid relying too heavily on this channel because it could hurt the profitability of the hotel.
Therefore, the hotel should work hard to promote the book directly from their own websites and reduce the cost of capital. As a property owner you can follow the best practices from experts in the field of hotel management to earn your direct sales.


1. Do not assume that your customers know about compset.
When sales managers analyze their competitive rate, they usually compare their prices with a small number of their hotel compset. When potential costumers online search to find a hotel for their trip, they did not consider compsets, they look for in an evaluation at a certain location. Revenue management needs to think like their costumers and try to get in their mind to be able to offer prices for their appeal. If they can do this, revenue managers will have full advantage of the other asset managers and contract revenue.
2. Do not use stagnant prices.
Be sure to update prices and rates to suit changes in your market, and real estate will be able to ensure a growing place. The rate action can help take advantage of the revenue opportunities offered by the online channel.
3. Do not forget the additional inventory of your online.
The update is only applicable to the exchange rate, but also to inventory. It is important to supplement the inventory straight when it runs out. If you do not do this, you may be the victim of a huge revenue loss of value.
4. Do not complicated than your job.
We are all roles sales managers aware “maintains many critical responsibilities, may be time. But all said, a sales manager must have to be effective earn as much as possible from each hotel booking. A sales manager can minimize the work to he / she may be able to focus on activities income. One piece of advice is to spend 80% of your time on activities that may have an impact on revenue and win the remaining 20% ​​in the admin role.
5. Do not raise or lower the real stars of his hotel
There are many sales managers have deliberately false declaration on the OTAs stars. They think that there are more stars than the selling price will be higher. Not so. If your 4 star hotel but 5 star seller rating, you will have problems. Be realistic.
Conversely, do not have to lower the star rating of the hotel because they think customers will enjoy being in a four star hotel but the price is only equivalent to 3 stars. This lead to harm the long-term revenue. That is not a good strategy.
The fact that customers always want the best price for the best hotel, the hotel of their choice based on price, facilities, location … Be honest about the property with the client, you will get the best revenue and customers are satisfied.
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